Improve sales team results
with sales pursuit coaching


Alteama brings extensive experience in large-scale long sales cycle healthcare pursuits using proven sales pursuit processes developed and tested over decades. We have a simple strategy; work side-by-side with our clients' pursuit teams at key phases of the sales cycle to enhance their ability to win.  Whether you need to make an informed bid/no-bid decision, sharpen your value proposition for an important proposal, hone the skills of your presentation team, or create a realistic negotiation plan, Alteama can assist.

We can make a tangible difference to your team's performance at any stage of the sales cycle


Deciding whether to engage in a particular market or opportunity and positioning your organization to win requires insight into the industry, competitors, potential partners, procurement process, and the client culture for that specific opportunity or market. Alteama will work with your leadership team to develop the strategies necessary to win by applying insights and processes gained through extensive experience in launching successful sales campaigns.


Creating a winning proposal requires a single-minded approach to the development and successful communication of a compelling value proposition. The key to this task is to develop an understanding of the unstated client need underlying the opportunity.  Alteama will work with your proposal team to develop a compelling value proposition to meet that unstated need, and help fuse the many contributing voices into a cohesive and clear document.


A presentation is an opportunity for clients to judge whether your people are trustworthy and enjoyable to work with. The client will also be assessing the flow of the message, the reactions of the presenters, the uniform and clear articulation of the value proposition, and most importantly, the presentation team dynamic. Alteama will help your people present themselves in a winning way and help your team plan, create, and deliver a dynamic presentation.


Successful negotiations depend on fielding a cohesive and well-prepared team that understands client expectations, constraints, stakeholders, and the cultural factors affecting timelines for information exchange, bargaining, decision-making, and reaching/documenting closure. Alteama will work with your team to develop that understanding, set firm rules of engagement, and create a plan with realistic goals, timelines, and outcomes.